Job Description - Superintendent



General Description:

The Superintendent is responsible for delivering water to the shareholders of the Fire Mountain Canal and Reservoir Company (Company). The Superintendent may also serve as the Paonia Dam Tender, as determined by the Company’s Board of Directors (Board). The Superintendent reports to the Board and directs and manages the daily work activities of the Ditch Rider, other temporary and part-time employees of the company, and contractors. He or she must confer with shareholders, maintain the canal, manage temporary and part-time employees, and deal with contractors, equipment operators, and government officials. This position requires variable time commitment but is basically a 12-month per year job. The position may require considerably more than forty hours per week during the irrigation season but periods of no work activity during the non-irrigation season.




·         Schedule spring and fall maintenance on the Canal, Panoia Reservoir and related structures;

·         By July 1st of each year, evaluate whether and when non-emergency repairs are needed and, following receipt of the Board’s concurrence, schedule and complete them as necessary for the safe and effective operation of the canal;

·         Collaborate with the Ditch Rider and Dam Tender in reviewing the Company’s Controlled Maintenance Items on a priority basis. Develop a schedule of materials and costs required to perform the maintenance and ensure their completion on a timely basis;

·         Attend training programs or seminars as required by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR), other agencies, or the Board;

·         Obtain and maintain dam tender certification as directed by the Board and as required by the USBR and other agencies;

·         Ensure that operation and maintenance of the canal is performed safely, including that no one works alone near siphons;

·         Strive to prevent unsafe conditions on the canal and canal right-of-way or unsafe work practices by Company employees or contractors;

·         In emergency situations (e.g. canal failure), assume responsibility and authority to take such actions necessary to mitigate the emergency, notify the Board, the public and associated government agencies, and preserve Company assets;

·         Inform the Company web master of emergency situations, planned water outages, water on / off dates, and other information pertinent to the shareholders so this information may be presented on the Company’s web site;

·         Be familiar with USBR Paonia Dam Standard Operating Procedures (SOP);

·         Review Company management plan annually for progress made on achieving goals, and revise, with appropriate additions or deletions, with consent of the Board;

·         Hire necessary employees and equipment  Keep time sheets and submit them on a timely basis to the Company Secretary/Treasurer for payment;

·         Prepare and submit annual Employee Performance Evaluation(s) to the Board;

·         Work within the budget if and as established by the Board;

·         Make daily readings at the headgate at Somerset and Leroux Creek gage house;

·         Determine water use and losses in order to regulate flow in the canal;

·         Check all leaks and cracks in the canal bank and immediately determine if action is needed and if the canal should be shut off;

·         Keep current list of water users on each lateral, including rented water;

·         Determine gage settings and provide list to the Ditch Rider;

·         Monitor the canal right-of-way for trespass of fences, roads, lines, pipes, bridges, buildings and other structures to ensure that all of the above are approved by the Board and USBR under the established permit process, and to report concerns, problems, or changes of ownership to the Board;

·         Maintain contact with contractors and others to assess what equipment is available in case of an emergency;

·         Establish productive working relationships with the North Fork Water Conservancy District, USBR, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), railroad employees, Colorado Division of Wildlife, Colorado State Park Service, county road departments, Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), and Delta Community Technical College (DCTC);

·         Tactfully deal with all phone calls;

·         Resolve problems by referring to company by-laws and policy, as appropriate, and referring those which cannot be resolved to the Board;

·         Submit reports as requested to the Board at monthly meetings and advise the Board of problems and possible solutions;

·         Attend the shareholders annual meeting and provide oral annual summary report as directed by the Board;

·         In conjunction with the Ditch Rider, check all turnouts daily;

·         Monitor the Fire Mountain phone and radio so that any serious problems that arise can be dealt with quickly;

·         Maintain and operate automatic gate at Somerset by computer;

·         Perform maintenance on headgate equipment when contractors are working on the canal or related structures and ensure that their work performance is monitored by either the Ditch Rider or the Superintendent;

·         Answer or return phone calls or queries from shareholders, Company Directors, government agencies, or the public in a timely manner;

·         Keep a daily record of work performed, including time, and mileage associated with the work;

·         Submit contractor and other invoices to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Board for payment on a schedule to be determined by the Secretary/Treasurer; and

·         Perform such other tasks as directed by the Board.




High school diploma or equivalent is preferred for this position, plus at least five years in increasingly responsible positions in irrigation water delivery, and the operation, inspection, maintenance of irrigation canals, and related structures. Familiarity with Colorado water law as it pertains to irrigation is preferred. Ability to interact comfortably and productively with the public, Company management and shareholders, and related government officials. Individual is expected to provide his or her own four-wheel drive vehicle, operating costs for which will be reimbursed by the Company. Able to safely use hand and power tools, pour and form concrete, use cell phones and computers, and operate heavy equipment. Occasional entry may be required into confined environments (e.g. siphons). Willingness and ability to complete training as may be required by the Board or controlling government agencies. Must know how to contact pertinent public health and safety officials in the event of dam or canal emergencies. Must submit to random drug testing as required by the Board.



The Board of Directors reserves the right to amend this job description and duties from time to time by presenting a completed and amended copy to the Superintendent for review.