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Fire Mountain Canal and
Reservoir Company

Home @ Fire Mountain and Reservoir Company

Emergency Contacts

Trey Denison - 589-2857
Bill Moore - 361-4051
(ditch rider)
Dixie Luke - 872-6265

Board of Directors

Dixie Luke - Pres.
Bill Houseweart - VP
John Stroh - Dir.
Dan Robinson - Dir.
Wes Spore - Dir.
Randy Fisher - Sec/Treasurer
Ron Smith - Non Voting
Jeff Armstrong - Non Voting

Board Meetings - 7:30 P.M. Second Thursday of each month. Meeting Location - Delta County Annex building in Hotchkiss.

Mailing Address:
POB 543
Hotchkiss CO 81419
Telephone: 970.872.3665

Please send comments, questions, or concerns to fmc_mail

Update on Lower Gunnison RCPP and NCB Activities

You may have heard that the USDA/NRCS has awarded $8 million for the RCPP Lower Gunnison project proposal. This award is a great beginning to the complete project envisioned in the original proposal. The Colorado River District is the lead partner on this project and is now in the process of meeting with project partners in scaling the overall project. We anticipate a revised proposal to be submitted to NRCS by March 1.

In the mean time NCB is co-hosting a series of outreach meetings regarding the results of the first field season of our on farm irrigation efficiency research. Dr. Perry Cabot will be presenting the research results at a meeting in Hotchkiss, Thursday, February 19, Memorial Hall, Noon-2:00PM (light lunch provided). Another meeting with Dr. Cabot's presentation is scheduled for Montrose on Thursday, February 26th, noon -2:00PM, Friendship Hall (light lunch provided).

NCB is co-hosting the meetings with the Delta Conservation District and the Shavano Conservation District. You may remember that the December NCB meeting ended with a discussion of "saved water" resulting from irrigation efficiency. We promised to carry over this discussion into the new year. Both the Hotchkiss and Montrose meetings will devote time to the implications of saved water that may result from, on farm and off farm, irrigation efficiency. Both meetings will also give a fresh update on the RCPP proposal.

We encourage you to attend the Hotchkiss or Montrose meetings if possible. The future of agriculture irrigation water in our region is the subject of much discussion, planning and legislating. The NCB vision is to put our farmers and ranchers in the forefront of these developments with particular attention as to the actions Ag producers and ditch companies might individually consider today in preparation for the future.

Best wishes,
Steve Schrock
Coordinator, NoChicoBrush 970.216.7204

Facts and Informational Items

Paonia Reservoir


  • Paonia Dam Construction: Jan. 1959 - Jan. 1962
  • Paonia Reservoir Active Capacity: 15,000 acre-feet
  • Fire Mountain Canal Upgrade and Extension: 1959 - 1962
  • Fire Mountain Canal Length: 34.7 miles
  • Fire Mountain Canal Capacity: 175 cfs at Somerset, 100 cfs at Rogers Mesa
  • Number of Shares: 220,155.3
  • Number of Share Holders: 488
  • Number of Shares needed to = 1 acre foot: 725 in a 24 hr period

Informational Items:

Paonia Dam Spillway

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