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Fire Mountain Canal and
Reservoir Company

Home @ Fire Mountain and Reservoir Company

Emergency Contacts

Trey Denison - 589-2857
Bill Moore - 361-4051
(ditch rider)
Dixie Luke - 872-6265

Board of Directors

Dixie Luke - Pres.
Bill Houseweart - VP
John Stroh - Dir.
Dan Robinson - Dir.
Wes Spore - Dir.
Randy Fisher - Sec/Treasurer
Susan Raymond - Non Voting
Ron Smith - Non Voting

Board Meetings - 7:30 P.M. Second Thursday of each month. Meeting Location - Delta County Annex building in Hotchkiss.

Please send comments, questions, or concerns to FMC_mail

Update on Fire Mountain Canal Water as of Sept 28, 2014.
Superintendent Denison is projecting water for another 15 days which puts turn off date around Oct 11, 2014.

Some of these extra days are related to the piping project that will start the first of October on Rogers Mesa. The Slack lateral will be turned off October 2 with construction beginning Oct 6. With construction starting the first of October, water flows in the canal will be reduced to account for the water volume in the Slack.
For those living on Rogers Mesa, if you find the need to turn your head gate off, please contact Dan Robinson. If a significant number of users close their head gate, this could cause flooding for those users that are on the end of your specific lateral. So give some thought to your neighbors downstream.

For those members that do not live on Rogers Mesa, and you wish to close your head gate, contact Trey Denison (589-2857) and he will turn your water off.

Information regarding the Environmental Protection Agency's Federal Water Rules Changes
These proposed EPA rule changes were presented at a BoCC meeting held in Hotchkiss on Sept. 25, 2014.
At the meeting Barbara Galloway, senior hydrologist with ERO, offered to share their comments on the proposed rule changes. Click here to view ERO comments
Comments can be sent to the EPA online at Comments must be submited by Oct 20, 2014.

Facts and Informational Items

Paonia Reservoir


  • Paonia Dam Construction: Jan. 1959 - Jan. 1962
  • Paonia Reservoir Active Capacity: 15,000 acre-feet
  • Fire Mountain Canal Upgrade and Extension: 1959 - 1962
  • Fire Mountain Canal Length: 34.7 miles
  • Fire Mountain Canal Capacity: 175 cfs at Somerset, 100 cfs at Rogers Mesa
  • Number of Shares: 220,155.3
  • Number of Share Holders: 488
  • Number of Shares needed to = 1 acre foot: 725 in a 24 hr period

Informational Items:

Paonia Dam Spillway

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