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January 10, 2008


The annual meeting of the board of directors of the Fire Mountain Canal and Reservoir Company was called to order by President Houseweart at 7:45 pm.  Directors present were  Dixie Luke, Dave Stiller, Wes Spore and John Stroh.  Also present were Merritt Denison, Trey Denison, John Burgevin, and Paul Schmucker.


Everybody present at the meeting introduces themselves.


Merritt Denison’s Report:

Merritt reviews the 2007 ditch operations including the weed spraying that was done and the ditch break at Blue Ribbon.


Snowpack figures: McClure 153% 12.1” moisture, Overland 195% 11.1” moisture, Leroux Creek 127% 16.8” moisture.


While Secretary Randy Fisher tallied the number of shares attending the meeting for quorum purposes, Bill Houseweart and Merritt Denison spoke to the shareholders and gave brief overviews of ditch operations for the past year.


No Quorum 104,511 shares present/proxy, need 110,078 for quorum.


Secretary Randy Fisher reviews the financial statement with the shareholders.  Jim Blankenship asks if there are unpaid bills and Randy answers no.  Dan Bolton asks a question about grant money; Dixie and Merritt give a general discussion on grant money availability and uses of grant money.


Shareholder Bob Leigh asks about the silting of the reservoir.  Dixie discusses sedimentation study and grant money from the GBRT for a new comprehensive silt study.


Shareholder Ron Smith asks about the water decrees at East Beckwith and Horse Ranch Park.  Merritt and Dixie discuss that the Colorado Attorney General turned down the decrees due to the perceived speculative intent.


Shareholder Jeff Armstrong asks a question about sedimentation loss at the reservoir.  Bureau of Reclamation is late in releasing results of their study.  Merritt figures that the reservoir has 15,000 usable acre feet out of 18,000 acre feet from 1962.  That computes to 3,000 acre feet lost in 45 years of operation or 66.67 acre feet per year.

General discussion on sedimentation; flush reservoir? Stop sedimentation at source?


Bill Houseweart discussion on board meetings and dam maintenance issues.


Shareholder Adam Gall and his engineer discuss in pipe flow meter versus parshall flume.


Bill Houseweart discussion on weed control; should we spray or not.  Bill called for a show of hands regarding shareholder feelings on spraying.  Pro weed spraying 20 shareholders, against/undecided weed spraying 17 shareholders; so pretty evenly split.


Webb Callicutt, Delta County Weed Coordinator, has advised/consulted FMC for over ten years.




Annual meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.



Randall W. Fisher, Secretary