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March 15, 2007


The monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Fire Mountain Canal and Reservoir Company was called to order by President Houseweart at 7:30 pm.Directors present were Dixie Luke, John Stroh, Wes Spore and Dave Stiller.Also present were Merritt Denison, Trey Denison, Paul Schmucker, and John Burgevin.


The minutes were approved as read.


Dixie L. motions the treasurerís report be accepted, Dave S. seconds and motion carries.


John S. motions the bills be paid, Dixie L. seconds and the motion carries.


Transfers are okay.


Visitor Greg Mellot from Paonia Cemetery District:discussion on soil and problems with soil water retention and compactness; Greg would like the FMC to consult with soil expert Neal Kinsey to address our ditch soil issues, water permeability etc.Greg would like permission from the board to talk to Mr. Kinsey about the FMC ditch/dam concerns; Greg is not asking for money; Greg will initiate contact with Mr. Kinsey.


Superintendentís Report:


Approximately 1 cfs of water is coming into the ditch on Stucker Mesa from the Stucker Roberts ditch.Do we want to file on that water?Blanket water filing from headgate to end of FMC extension.Consensus of board is to file on this water.


Snowpack at McClure is 80%.; water in ditch approx 04/15/2007; Merritt/Trey discussion on trouble getting labor help.Merritt D. and Trey D. will pour approx 80 yards concrete at Blue Ribbon.


In the Fall 2007 as soon as water is off, we will do maintenance on gate chamber and hollow spot on spillway.


Old Business:


Dixie L. has attempted to get with NFS on withdraw of filing objection to FMC conditional decree; Nancy Schweiger with NFS told Dixie L. that the withdraw letter should be out in the next two weeks.


Dixie L.general discussion on GRB roundtable; Orchard City and LCWUA were successful in their grant applications; Overland was unsuccessful.


General discussion on grant money for Leroux Creek dump gate, Bruce Marvin Lost Lake engineering study, etc.


Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.



Randall W. Fisher, Secretary