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March 13, 2008


The monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Fire Mountain Canal and Reservoir Company was called to order by President Houseweart at 7:30 pm.Directors present were Dixie Luke, John Stroh, Wes Spore and Dave Stiller.Also present were Trey Denison, Paul Schmucker, and John Burgevin.


The minutes were approved as corrected for Lost Lake Reservoir included in water filings, and that education is ďa part ofĒ the water management plan that FMC is lacking.


John S. motions the treasurerís report be accepted, Dave S. seconds and motion carries.


Dixie L. motions the bills be paid, John S. seconds and the motion carries.


Transfers are okay.


Superintendent Report (Trey Denison):

The ditch is frozen, no cleaning work done yet; working on equipment.Many of the FM Extension parshalls seem okay, but will need to be leveled.


Discussion on ordering parshall flumes from Warren Anderson and requesting reimbursement from NFWCD.


We have been turning water out of reservoir, currently 95 cfs, Trey says we are ten to eleven feet above dead pool.Dave S. asks about the spillway hollow spot; Trey says the spillway drains are running and there is a spot on the spillway floor which needs repair (2nd section from the bottom).


Discussion on prioritized maintenance list: Toadflax, spillway abutment, drains cleaned out, concrete repair, woody growth on dam, brass guides, and belzona work.


Dixie asks about time frame for ditch preparedness; Trey responds that he has four weeks of work to get ditch ready; backhoe work will concentrate on rock removal; need to finish caulking on Hubbard Creek siphon; we might have to condense maintenance to two to three weeks.Discussion on putting a pipe in the hole at Hubbard Creek siphon so we can pump out this wet area.Bill mentions all siphon gates should be operated at least once per year.Trey is still trying to locate daylight on Hubbard Creek siphon drain.


John S. asks if any creeks will overflow into the canal; Trey didnít think so but will watch Terror and Roatcap.


Trey is concerned with landowner bridges; some Rogers Mesa Bridges are a concern; bridge at Hubbard Creek is close to the waterline.Randy will get with Kathleen Ozga about the bridges.


Hillyardís have locked a gate on the ditch and Merritt did not have a key.Also, as part of an irrigation project, the Hillyardís want to put a pipe over the ditch.


Trey would the FMC board to keep up the pressure on landowners to fix bridges.Also, the BLM bridge at Coal Road is rotten, Randy will talk to K Ozga about this bridge as well.


Wes S. would like Trey and Merritt to work on making a written maintenance list, parshall flume replacement, etc, so the board can prioritize maintenance in the fall


Paul S. mentions that we should have a lockable gate before the new bridge at Leroux Creek.


Trey is also concerned about headgate repair/rebuild; the board would like Merritt and Trey to rebuild headgates as needed in the next month.


End Superintendent Report


Old Business:


Discussion on job descriptions; discussion on bringing maintenance plan priority list to the board.Job description should refer to controlled maintenance list under responsibilities.General discussion on contents of job descriptions and suggested changes; get changes to John B. and/or Dave S.


Dixie would like an attorney to assist her in preparing the amended water filings; board consensus is to use Stanway if and when necessary.


New Business:


Randy will put a notice in the shopper to refer to our website for ditch operation information.




Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.




Randall W. Fisher, Secretary