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May 8, 2008


The monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Fire Mountain Canal and Reservoir Company was called to order by President Houseweart at 7:30 pm.  Directors present were Dixie Luke, John Stroh, Dave Stiller and Wes Spore.  Also present were Merritt Denison, Trey Denison, Paul Schmucker, and John Burgevin.


Before the minutes are read, and the bills were paid, Joseph Yeomans from Pitkin Mesa addressed the board regarding a footbridge he would like to build across the canal.  Mr. Yeomans has starting the permitting process with the Bureau of Reclamation; general discussion on footbridge specifications; Merritt and Trey would like the footbridge built to Bureau of Reclamation engineered specifications; the board would like 18” concrete footers.  Randy will write a letter to Yeomans that can be attached to the Bureau of Reclamation application.


Yeomans would also like to redirect/move water from turnout 33 to another turnout; discussion on procedure Yeomans will have to follow to accomplish this change.  Yeomans leaves meeting at 8:00 pm.


Dan Robinson, Carl Roberts, and Stan Stockton from the Rogers Mesa Water Distribution Association (RMWDA) attend the meeting to discuss when irrigation water should be started on Rogers Mesa.  General discussion on when Rogers Mesa water should be started; should water be delivered as soon as FMC is delivered or does RMWDA make the decision.  Dan R. suggested to start water on the first Saturday after April 15th.


RMWDA and FMC board need to communicate better, and timing of water start will be discussed at the FMC annual meeting and also at a joint RMWDA/FMC meeting to be held in March or early April.


Delinquent assessments are discussed with RMWDA; Randy will get a delinquent assessments list from Wendy Sheldon and collect delinquent RMWDA assessments when property sells and Randy communicates with the title company.


RMWDA representatives leave at 8:30 pm.


Regular meeting commences at 8:35 pm.


The minutes are corrected for discussion on bridges.  Randy will follow up on two bridges, Coal Road and Pitt.


Wes S. motions the treasurer’s report be accepted, John S. seconds and motion carries.


Dixie L. motions the bills be paid, John S. seconds and the motion carries.

Transfers are okay.


Superintendent Report:


Kampe/Gall flow meter will be installed; flow meter will read in gallons/minute and Merritt will adjust.  Fire Mtn Extension – Merritt put water in the extension and did not get any cooperation from extension shareholders, fences and gates are still blocking access; shareholders are still exchanging water verbally day to day and week to week.


After general discussion regarding the extension, it was decided to send a letter to extension shareholders documenting FMC efforts in delivering water to extension shareholders.  The letter should include that the FMC board met with extension shareholders in a special meeting in November 2007 to address problems, Merritt and Trey have replaced/reset flumes, FMC has delivered water to the extension even though access gates are still shut and water trading is still going on.    


Most of the new Parshall flumes are working fine but one on Sunshine Mesa is not working property, Trey will look at and try to fix.


Reservoir – spillway cleaned up, driftwood cleaned up; trees will need to be removed this summer; new access gate installed by Merritt and Trey.


Hubbard Creek siphon was caulked and rocks hauled out with an atv and trailer.


End Superintendent Report


New Business:


Randy will look at Powell Mesa easement situation; Randy will submit Parshall flume reimbursement to NFWCD.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm.




Randall W. Fisher, Secretary