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June 14, 2007


The monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Fire Mountain Canal and Reservoir Company was called to order by President Houseweart at 7:40 pm.Directors present were Dixie Luke, Wes Spore, and John Stroh (Dave Stiller absent).Also present were Merritt Denison, Trey Denison, Paul Schmucker, and John Burgevin.


The minutes were approved as read.


John S. motions the treasurerís report be accepted, Wes S. seconds and motion carries.


Wes S. motions the bills be paid, John S. seconds and the motion carries.


Transfers are approved.


Superintendentís Report:


Leroux Creek flood water stopped approximately ten days ago, canal running at 175 to 177 cfs, ditch carried 179 cfs for four days last month.Bureau of Reclamation engineer from Salt Lake City inspected dam yesterday June 11, 2007.Engineer would like FMC to do work on brass runners and gate chamber in the fall 2007.Elevator worked alright and shrubbery on dam is alright.


Merritt D. and Trey D. explained/discussed the $7,000 bill from the spray company, FMC had not sprayed in approximately fifteen years.Bureau of Reclamation wants toadflax at the dam sprayed in the fall.Merritt and Trey received many complaints from Paonia residents regarding the spraying and many thanks from Rogers Mesa residents regarding the spraying.


Wes S. talked to Webb Callicut about the spraying and Webb said that other agencies are spraying above the ditch and in our watershed.Webb expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the FMC board.General discussion on the merits of how well the money was spent.


Dixie L. discussion that NFWCD has a Tabor problem with handling grant money so the NFWCD is trying to figure out how the get grant money or what agency can the handle the grant money for the sedimentation study.


Bill H. took new directors (Wes S., Dave S., and John B.) up to Leroux Creek to the number four turnout, Hillyards, Wolf Park, etc.FMC board would to meet with K Ozga (Bureau of Reclamation) at the Hillyards.


Dixie L. discussion regarding kids swimming at the dam and spillway area; Gunnison County sheriff has been notified but sheriff says the state park people are responsible for policing that area.


General discussion on 2007/2008 budget and assessment.


Wes S. discussion on web site, Wes would like the 2006 and 2007 minutes for the site, aslso, Wes would like to get some historical information on the site.Please give Wes feedback on additional information that should be on the site.


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.




Randall W. Fisher, Secretary