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July 09, 2009


The monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Fire Mountain Canal and Reservoir Company was called to order by President Luke at 7:35 pm.  Directors present were Bill Houseweart and Wes Spore.  Also present were Trey Denison, Robert Madden, Paul Schmucker and Carl Roberts. 


The meeting opened with discussion about the Barrow Mesa break.  Trey reported that

On Thursday, June 25, 2009, Scott saw the break.  Scott marked the break and Trey contacted Bill H. They then decided to shut the ditch off.  The following day they found several breaks and that the hillside was pulling away. 


During the repair process Bureau of Reclamation engineer Tom Fowlds visited the site three different times.


An examination of the site revealed gravel seams mixed with glacier deposits and mancos shale.


Trey stated that he wished the repair had gone faster but the job was done well.  The site was compacted well, compacted with water, a drain was installed, and the concrete pour was continuous with two conveyor trucks and crews at both ends. 450 running feet of concrete liner was poured and 370 feet of drain was installed.


Paul Schmucker expressed concern about Chesnik Construction taking directions from Trey.  He asked that a list of contractors capable of accomplishing this type of work be made so that the Board has more options.  A general discussion was held regarding the compilation of a list of pre-qualified contractors to choose from in the future.


Carl Roberts stated the dam and canal were huge assets to the Company and to its shareholders, but the Company is being run with a “good ole boy” mentality.  He stated Trey is being asked to manage the construction crisis as well as run the ditch operations.  Carl suggested that a construction manager should oversee the repair projects so Trey can manage the ditch.  Carl stated numerous times he feels Trey is doing a good job but feels a construction supervisor should be brought in, during these events, to take the pressure off of Trey. In Carl’s opinion, the construction methods used in the past have been inadequate and would like to see the Board hire out a risk analysis this fall, focusing on the older concrete pours.  Carl would like to see more proactive maintenance performed and also some new ideas and new thinking when the ditch needs repairs.


Dixie questioned whether the Bureau of Reclamation has a concrete engineer or whether the Company would need to hire outside consultants.  She further asked whether the Company was fully utilizing the Bureau’s expertise.


Wes Spore was at the site several times and had an opportunity to discuss the repair with Bureau engineer Tom Fowlds.  Tom advised that we dig out the site and compact with water; Tom also thought installing 16-24” of clay liner would do just as well as a concrete liner.  Wes asked Tom about control joints when pouring conrete and while Tom replied that it would be a good idea, he gave no specifics.


Carl asked if a concrete lining would speed the water flow to the detriment of the downstream ditch.


Bill H. commented that we, as a Company, have learned a great many new techniques over the past twenty years in regards to drains, compaction of ditch banks, concrete applications and sealing.


At 8:35 pm Paul and Carl leave and the meeting continues with the Secretary/Treasurer report.


Wes S. motions that the June 11, 2009 meeting minutes be approved with two corrections, Bill H. seconds and the motion carries.


Wes S. motions that the treasurer’s report be accepted, Bill H. seconds and the motion carries. 


Bill H. motions that the bills be paid, Wes S. seconds and the motion carries. 


There was a discussion regarding the Roop Excavation invoice for mowing the ditch.  Trey explained the scope of the mowing and that it was for both weed and fire control and that the mowing was done in lieu of spraying while there was water flowing in the ditch.  $8,000.00 was approved in the budget for spraying at the August 14, 2008 meeting; this mowing invoice and the spray rig retrofit will be paid from that budget line item.  That will leave several thousand dollars for fall 2009 spraying when this ditch is off.


The transfers of water shares presented with the meeting packet were approved.



Superintendent Report:


Trey reported water flows of 165 cfs in the ditch with a planned increase to 170 cfs on

July 10th.  He also reported that the reservoir got 1” of rain in June.



Old Business:

The Company has received a draft letter from the Bureau of Reclamation regarding the McCarthy situation.  The Board thought the letter was well written and Dixie will let the Bureau know the Board approves the letter.  Wes would like the Company to provide a separate letter to McCarthy stating that we will do our best to notify him and his neighbors when water is to be dumped into Jay Creek.


The general topic of landowner notification led to a discussion that a database needs to be established, for each drainage, so that notification can be given in the event of an emergency water dump.  Secretary Randy Fisher will research this and contact Delta County Road and Bridge.


There is a question on whether the water commissioner will or should be part of the process at the July 29th meeting with the Bureau of Reclamation.  The meeting will be held at 1:00 PM at Rogers Mesa Fruit.


Budget Discussion:

Due to the absence of John Stroh and Dave Stiller the budget meeting was set for July 30, 2009. 


Construction Practices:

The Board discussed past and current construction practices; cost versus benefit versus time.  The Board has actually changed construction practices over the last twenty years: better concrete, compaction, drains, and continuous pours of concrete.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30 pm


Respectfully submitted,



Randall W. Fisher