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August 21, 2008


The FMC Board of Directors met today at 1:00 pm at the Terror Creek ditch break. The board met for approximately two hours and discussed many options.  The board reached the following consensus: the ditch upstream from the break will be reshaped, reworked, and compacted, the shotcrete below the break will be patched with concrete, and the concrete which was ripped out this week will be poured with a heavier mix and rebar will be used as well. In making this decision the board evaluated cost, available funds, the time to perform additional work, the time the water has been off already, and the additional time the water would be off if additional concrete was poured upstream. 


Work should be completed this Saturday morning, with water back in the canal by Sunday.  This area of the canal will be monitored intensely once the water is turned back on.