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September 13, 2007


The monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Fire Mountain Canal and Reservoir Company was called to order by President Houseweart at 7:30 pm.† Directors present were Dixie Luke, Dave Stiller, Wes Spore, and John Stroh.† Also present were Merritt Denison, Paul Schmucker, and John Burgevin.


The minutes were approved as read.


John S motions the treasurerís report be accepted, Dave S. seconds and motion carries.


Wes S. motions the bills be paid, Dave S. seconds and the motion carries.


1st Agenda Item is shareholder Jan Vandenberg is in attendance and had several items to discuss: †Discussion on piping approximately 150 feet of the ditch near the access to her proposed subdivision.† Delta County Engineer Leroy Black would like her to pipe the ditch near the access to satisfy easement and encroachment concerns; general discussion of FMC board members regarding how complicated this process is getting.† Board consensus is that you cannot simply pipe 150 feet of ditch in the middle of the extension.



Superintendentís Report:

Water off 09/10/2007 at 4:00 pm; 49,834 acre feet of water delivered, water turned off five days earlier than 2006, but started nine days earlier this year than last year; total of 144 days of water.


Lost Lake Dam inspection on 09/13/2007; inspector would like the roadway graded, logs removed from spillway, and the willows cut.† Steve Tuck needs a new staff gauge installed at Lost Lake.† Steve needs the new staff gauge in order to properly gauge the reservoir for augmentation water.


Maintenance:† no plans to pour concrete this fall; need to clean ditch from Paulís place to the Hotchkiss water plant.


Kampe Trust headgate: engineer for shareholder wanted to put in a parshall alternative, Merritt said no, only a parshall flume will work.


General discussion on dam maintenance for the fall, priority is drill the spillway and run a camera to see the extent of the hollow area; discussion on hiring a diver for siphon inspections, Hubbard Creek for sure, Dixie will call the diver.† Dixie, Wes, and Bill say we should inspect as many siphons as possible.


New Business:† Lost Lake trip is scheduled for Wednesday 09/19/2007, meet at Randy Fisherís office at 9:00am.


Delta County Planning Department would like to have FMC representative at a meeting on Monday 09/24/2007 at 3:30 pm, Randy will attend.


Dixie and the Gunnison Basis River Roundtable: presentation by a group of people wanting to build a reservoir at Whitewater with a feeder reservoir at Austin.


Dave S. attended the Colorado Water Congress at Steamboat and heard an engineering presentation about diverting the Yampa at Maybelle to supply Northern Colorado with water.† Also heard presentations on climate change and the effect of earlier runoff and lack of snowpack.† Dave asked for reimbursement of the seminar cost.


Dixie motions to reimburse Dave $325 dollars for the cost of the water seminar, Wes seconds and the motion carries.


Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.




Randall W. Fisher, Secretary