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September 24, 2008


1:00 pm


Meeting at the Terror Creek ditch break: attendees are Bill Houseweart, Dixie Luke, Wes Spore, John Stroh, Dave Stiller, Merritt Denison and Randy Fisher.  General discussion on grouting cracks and what Merritt and Trey are planning to do with old section of concrete upstream of the break.


Carl Roberts asked Merritt permission to spray along the ditch in an area approximately at 3100 Road and L Road, aka the Wink Davis property.  Merritt did not give his okay due to concerns regarding organic orchards in the area.  Consensus of the board is to invite the organic growers to a FMC meeting to discuss weed management issues.


Meeting adjourned at approximately 2:30 pm.



Randall W Fisher, Secretary