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November 13, 2008


The monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Fire Mountain Canal and Reservoir Company was called to order by President Houseweart at 7:30 pm.  Directors present were Dixie Luke, John Stroh, Dave Stiller, and Wes Spore.  Also present were Trey Denison, and shareholders Dan Bolton, Gail Frank, Richard Blosser, and Catherine Gockley.


The minutes are approved as corrected.


John S. motions the treasurer’s report be accepted, Wes S. seconds and the motion carries.


Wes S. motions the bills be paid, Dixie L. seconds and the motion carries.


Dave S. motions the stock transfers be approved, John S. seconds and the motion carries.


Superintendent Report (given by Trey Denison):

The Powell Mesa and Sunshine Mesa concrete pours were completed; John Norris (former Town of Paonia manager) consulted on the Jay Creek siphon valve. He told Trey what parts to order; there will be cutting/welding in order to repair the valve and manhole cover.; general discussion on condition of siphon; the board would like Tom Fowlds (a Bureau of Reclamation engineer) to inspect siphon before we are finished.


Merritt and Trey put 90 cfs in the ditch and there was no leakage at the Terror Creek ditch break, when 170 cfs was put in the ditch there was leakage; the whole length of the ditch break will be tied to the drain.  Trey suggested sealing the concrete for approximately 100 feet in the area of the break as another insurance policy.


The Terror Creek bridge rebuild is complete, the douglas fir wood has been treated and lagged together.


End Superintendent Report


Other Business:


General discussion on status of the Pitt Bridge, Coal Road Bridge, and Fire Mountain Extension shareholder letter.


Shareholder Feldman, Pitkin Mesa, would like to move their headgate and install a flow meter as part of an engineered irrigation system.  The engineer is the same as Kampe/Gall  system on Sunshine Mesa. General discussion on the board remaining constant with Parshall flumes versus flow meter.  Discussion on approval on a case by case basis, the board is not comfortable with blanket approval for these flow meter systems.  Another board concern is can the flow meter settings be changed remotely i.e. stealing water at night?  The engineer needs to be asked this question.


Dave S. motions to approve the Feldman system with the following conditions:

#1 – The flow meter gauge needs to be legible at all times.

#2 – FMC is responsible for delivery of water up to the flow meter only.

#3 – FMC reserves the right to revert back to a Parshall flume at shareholder expense if the flow meter system does not work to FMC satisfaction.

#4 – If the flow meter can be opened to take more water than allowed (1,188 shares) then FMC reserves the right to require a means to manually control flow of water.

#5 – The board requires the flow meter to have a reliable power source i.e. solar with battery backup.

Dixie L. seconds the motion, and the motion carries.


The NFWCD sold one share of augmentation water; the NFWCD would like FMC to bill them for the FMC share, $2,000 dollars.


The FMC annual meeting is set for the third Thursday of January, 1/15/2009; John Stroh and Wes Spore are up for election.


Wes S. and Dixie L. met with the NFS in October regarding the NFS proposing to upgrade the facilities at Lost Lake Campground and the NFS desire to enter into an agreement with FMC regarding maintenance of the road crossing over the dam at Lost Lake Slough.  The draft agreement written by the NFS was passed out to the board and general discussion followed.  Wes S. and Dixie L. will meet with NFS again and discuss the term of the agreement and other board concerns.


The Colorado Belzona representative will meet with FMC and Tom Fowlds of the Bureau of Reclamation at the dam on Wednesday 11/19/2008 at 1:00 pm.


Dixie L. would like to save as much water in the reservoir as possible due to the dry conditions.


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm.




Randall W. Fisher, Secretary