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December 12, 2008††††††††††††††††


The monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Fire Mountain Canal and Reservoir Company was called to order by President Houseweart at 7:30 pm.Directors present were Dixie Luke, John Stroh, Dave Stiller, and Wes Spore.Also present were Merritt Denison, Trey Denison, and shareholder Dan Bolton.


The minutes are approved as corrected.


Dixie L. motions the treasurerís report be accepted, Dave S. seconds and the motion carries.


Dixie L. motions the bills be paid, Dave S. seconds and the motion carries.


No transfers this meeting.


Superintendent Report:

Merritt met with the engineer on the Feldman project and the Feldmanís have decided not to move their headgate.Neither Feldman nor the engineer had a problem with the conditions for approving the inflow meter.Randy spoke with the engineer today and the engineer said the project is on hold until fall 2009.


Merritt would like to involve the Colorado State engineer in the NFS draft agreement for Lost Lake Slough and get his opinion.


Water levels are slowly increasing at the reservoir.


The Bureau of Reclamation is looking at the Pitt bridge Tuesday next week; Delta County tested the Coal Road Bridge and shut the bridge down; the county is planning to rebuild the bridge by spring 2009.


Tom Foles, Bureau of Rec engineer, looked at the Jay Creek siphon and recommended not messing with the manhole cover; the cover might not reseal properly.Jay creek siphon valve parts are not in as yet.


The Terror Creek drain was finished soon after the November meeting; there are two drains encompassing most of the break area; Trey put water in the canal and the drains are working; the ditch bank was recompacted from the level of the drains on up; Chesnik was on sight a good four days.


End Superintendent Report


Other Business:

Belzona contractor submitted two bids for board consideration; the first bid is to repair gates inside the gate chamber for $2,858 dollars, the second bid is to repair spillway spalling for $5,300 dollars.The contractor will discount $1,000 dollars if both bids are accepted and the work is performed at the same time.The contractor performs all work to Bureau of Reclamation specifications.Merritt recommends accepting the combined bid and asking NFWCD for reimbursement once the jobs are completed.


Dixie L. motions to accept the combined bid of $7,158 dollars from the Belzona contractor and have the contractor coordinate with the Bureau of Reclamation regarding the spillway inspection/repair portion of the bid, Wes S. seconds and the motion carries.


Dave Stiller:NFRIA has sent a proposal to the state regarding selenium control and identifying sources of selenium in irrigation water through water sampling.NFRIA is wanting letters of support from organizations supporting the NFRIA proposal; Dave would like the FMC to write a letter of support for the proposed project.


Wes S. motions to have FMC write a letter of support for the NFRIA project, Dave S. seconds and the motion carries.


Bill Houseweart: general discussion on his feelings regarding the board operations, and Merritt and Trey; the focus should be on the delivery of water.


General board discussion in support of Merritt and Trey and expression of disappointment over the ditch break but a general expression that we did the best we could under the circumstances.



Meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm.




Randall W. Fisher, Secretary